Welcome to Borrow Myne; a peer-to-peer, designer clothing platform. We believe that fast fashion is out and circular fashion is in! Born out of a desire to create a sustainable alternative that extends the life expectancy of high end designer items, Borrow Myne is a platform that allows you to connect with likeminded fashion conscious individuals.

Today we live in a ‘wear it once culture’ where the unwritten rules of Instagram would suggest it is unfashionable to be captured in the same outfit twice. Borrow Myne is the solution in which you can lend your wardrobe thus turning your wardrobe into an investment and/or borrow designer pieces for a small percentage of the retail price.

The Borrow Myne Platform allows thousands of wardrobes and members to celebrate fashion and our planet in a way that has never been done before!

Join our highly stylish, sustainable movement and let’s make borrowing a thing of our future.

Lots of Love Borrow Myne xx



The fast fashion industry has curated a throwaway culture with 80 billion pieces of clothing being discarded yearly. The same textile production industry produces approximately 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, more than the aviation and shipping industries combined! As sustainability concerns grow, we must consider ways to alleviate our personal carbon footprint.

But how can we enjoy fashion, afford luxury and minimise our impact? ...

Borrow Myne is a peer-to-peer rental platform enabling you to rent your wardrobe, access luxury fashion at affordable prices, all whilst feeling great that you are paving the way of our future! 



The biggest opportunity social media offers all of us is the ability to turn negatively impacting issues into positive societal change. 

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Wardrobe to Wardrobe

Borrow endless designer items from your peers and list items for free


Borrow Myne Package

In most cases, A dry clean, 24hr tracked post with return labels and a wear and tear contribution included in rental price.


ID Verification

Real-time ID verification for safe borrowing and lending


Track your item

Keep track of your item by text or tracking

How borrowing an item works

Search and fall in love

Scroll through endless designer clothes until you find The One!


Send a booking request to the lender and be accepted within hours

Return to Lender

You’ve slayed the event, now it’s time to return the item for others to enjoy

How lending an item works

List your dress

Turn your wardrobe into an investment, its free to list

Accept the booking

You choose who wears your wardrobe, you are always in control

get Paid

Make the retail price back of your item in as little as 4 rentals and get paid directly into your bank account